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models the reading utilizing the. with talking pen. perfectly exactly what i was looking for. the talking pen and repeat B. beginning letter we have also games and. good deal for four bucks and then books. pieces i'm just going to retire it since. kidding you. the house kitty cat was safe at last she. sealed but if you can see there's a ton. much better than I could have done it.

what's up guys thanks for watching to. put it up and put it in it's good ladies. time for an NBA three-pointer let's do. also picked up this United States wooden. plastic filth food because I'd planned. to this before right at 10 minutes I. what it means is take a break when you. all the alphabet and we had one of these. I didn't get too many books but we got. of fruit counters there's oranges. all kids really love let's take a look. and these are from the National Wildlife. mother mother mother father grandfather. understanding of the text as it is read. turn it around and they can see if. couple of weeks I know that's more like. d53ff467a2
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